Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Picture to Canvas on Pinterest is a Keeper

I wanted to put a picture of the temple where my husband and I were married onto a canvas for our anniversary using a tutorial from Girl. Inspired. And it totally worked!!!!  Keywords: Mod Podge! I loved the results:

I also got the temple picture from pinterest.  Although, I tried going back to the website today and it didn't work.  Maybe another day?  Until then, you can check it out on my pins.

I added For time and Eternity, Est. 2006 on the bottom using Before the Rain font that I found from a blog called Going Home to Roost.  You can find it here.  There's tons of free fonts listed on her website that are super duper cute!

I made another canvas for my sister using the Denver Temple.  It turned out pretty good too.


  1. Hi Janna :)
    I'm a blog friend of Jessica's, and I'm so glad she let her followers know about you! I'm having fun looking at all of your creative projects.

    I love that you do Pinterest reviews! I host a Pinterest Party on the first Sunday of every month, and would love to have you link one of these posts up on September 2nd. It's just a fun time for bloggers to share their pins and see what works and what doesn't :) There's more info here: http://www.happyhomemaker.me/p/pinterest-parties.html

    Hope to see you there!

    ♥ Bethany


    1. Thanks for following me Bethany! I will definetly link up on September 2nd! Thanks for the info!