Tuesday, August 28, 2012

At Home Preschool Prep Step 2

Here are a few other things I do with my kiddos to make learning more hands on and like "big kid's school".  I made a calendar last year that we used for preschool and I use it with my two girls almost every morning.  I bought a large poster, a calendar, numbers, and months of the year from the dollar tree.  Typed up a few things and taped it all together.  Then I went to Ofice Max and got it lamenated (they have teacher discounts...even if you're just a mama teaching your kiddos at home).  Our calendar includes the weather and seasons.  It also has another side where we write or post the letter, number, shape and/or color of the week.  Since it's lamenated I can use dry erase crayons or markers on it.  Here's the pictures of it:

I also got some letters at the dollar tree that we taped around the girls' room (for now) to make a word wall from all the site words we'll be learning this year.

Here are some book resources that I recommend for home schooling preschool aged kiddos (just click on the link to see the items on amazon.com) :
The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities: Written by Teachers for Teachers


Almost Ready to Read (PreK-K)

Getting Ready to Read

 And of course there's all those wonderful ideas on pinterest and blogs out there that have amazing mom's doing awesome stuff with their kiddos!  I've pinned a few of them if you want to check out what I've pinned.

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