Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Felt Doll Quiet Books

I made these books for a LOOOOOOOOONG car ride to entertain my girls.  I had lots of felt and fabric downstairs, so I thought what the heck and got the creativity going.  Sorry there's no tutorial, I made these before I entered blogland.
I made the outside look like little suitcases with handles and buttons to help keep the books closed.

 To make things interesting I made a boy book and a girl book.  I handstitched their faces and used a sewing machine for the rest.  Each book has two pockets on the left to hold shirts and accessories and bottoms.

Here's the girl wardrobe.  Mostly princess attire and church clothes.  I figured the boy could share his clothes since the body patterns are the same.

The boy wardrobe was WAY TOO MUCH FUN!  I made a church outfit, an every day outfit, a pirate outfit, a football uniform, and a farmers outfit.  Ironically, my little 3 year old loves the boy book better.  She loves the pirate outfit the best.  I do too.

I kept the body pattern that I used for the books so that way I could make more outfits later.  I still have to make some shoes, bags, scriptures, sword, and football...the posibilities are endless.  And it really is too much fun!

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  1. I've been hoping you'd post this project! Can't wait to make some myself.