Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twin Tuesday II

My first Twin Tuesday post was a fun fact post...now here's one that's a little more personal...

The story of our twins.  Here's how we found out:

We have two beautiful, bright, funny little girls.  This spring we got a surprise that we were pregnant again.  My response, "Really?  REally?  REALLY?!?".  A little panicked at the idea of having 3 kiddos under the age of 3. As my pregnancy progressed it turned out to be a lot harder than my first two.  I was much sicker than I had ever been with my girls, I was soooooo tired, and I was bigger faster.  My husband and I thought, "okay, must be a boy this time around".  The doctor said, "Well, it's your third pregnancy and the normal pregnancy symptoms may be increased". 

  Finally, at 20 weeks, we were scheduled for our gender reveal ultrasound.  Since my pregnancy had been relatively healthy up to this point, this was our first ultrasound.  Upon laying down and revealing my very round tummy, the tech asked if this was our first ultrasound.  Yes.  Then she put the wand to my tummy to be able to see into the world known as my belly.  I couldn't see the screen, but my husband could at the start.  I watched him as his expression became one of confusion.  He is really good at picking out what's what in an ultrasound (me, it takes a while to figure it out).  So his look caused some alarm.  Then the tech asked again, "Are you sure this is your first ultrasound".  Ummm, yes!  Who would forget an ultrasound?  "Is everything okay?  Is the baby okay?"  Then the tech threw out the news, "You know you're having twins, right?"  Shock!  "Are you kidding?"  No, she doesn't joke about that kind of stuff.  Then my dear husband said, "I thought I saw two heads!"  That explained his confused look.  He gave me a kiss, squeezed my hand, and the tech turned the monitor so I could see that sure enough there were two little babies inside my tummy.  I laughed, I cried, I asked, "Really?" like a thousand times...that seems to be my word for this pregnancy.
   During the ultrasound we found out that we were having 2 little boys.  Now we'll be parents of what most people keep calling, the "perfect" scenario.  Two girls and two boys.  We are over the shock period now and are just elated.  Not niave though, we're semi-aware of how much work it's going to be but are still looking forward to the arrival of our boys.
 Telling our family was the really fun part...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twin Tuesday

  A little change of pace from my normal (infrequent) posts....I thought I'd write a little about having twins.   I'm surprised that there isn't a ton of information about having twins out there, because it's more common now to have twins than ever before.
  Here's some fun things to know about twins:

-About one in 30 births are twin births...
-From 1980 to 2009 the rate of twin births increased by 76%
-The increase may be due to the increase use of fertility drugs, the age of women having children being older (in their 30's rather than 20's), and other unknown attributes...I have my own theory here.
-Fraternal twins, NOT identical twins,  are genetic
-Twins are a genetic characteristic passed on only by the mother's side...(Sorry, Dad's don't get the credit for having twins)
-Identical twins are formed from one egg that splits...Fraternal twins come from two eggs that are fertilized at the same time.
-The term twin derives from a German word twin or twine which means "two together"
-The average time between delivery of the first twin and the second twin is 17 minutes
-Most twins are born between 28-35 weeks (average singleton is born at 37 weeks)
-William Shakespeare fathered twins, a boy and a girl...

Just some fun food for thought about twins...

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