Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twin Tuesday

  A little change of pace from my normal (infrequent) posts....I thought I'd write a little about having twins.   I'm surprised that there isn't a ton of information about having twins out there, because it's more common now to have twins than ever before.
  Here's some fun things to know about twins:

-About one in 30 births are twin births...
-From 1980 to 2009 the rate of twin births increased by 76%
-The increase may be due to the increase use of fertility drugs, the age of women having children being older (in their 30's rather than 20's), and other unknown attributes...I have my own theory here.
-Fraternal twins, NOT identical twins,  are genetic
-Twins are a genetic characteristic passed on only by the mother's side...(Sorry, Dad's don't get the credit for having twins)
-Identical twins are formed from one egg that splits...Fraternal twins come from two eggs that are fertilized at the same time.
-The term twin derives from a German word twin or twine which means "two together"
-The average time between delivery of the first twin and the second twin is 17 minutes
-Most twins are born between 28-35 weeks (average singleton is born at 37 weeks)
-William Shakespeare fathered twins, a boy and a girl...

Just some fun food for thought about twins...

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  1. How cool! Love twin Tuesday. So you're not sooo special, you're not one in a million. But- you're one in 30 and that's pretty dang cool. Cooler than me! Can't wait to meet them!!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the linky love! Nice to meet you. :)