Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Marathon: Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Step 1:  Pick out your fabric and plan a pattern for your skirt.  I did a pattern that included 7 in squares of 6 different types of Christmas Fabric, Burlap, and Felt.  See below pictures for layout.  I cut and used 88 squares for my tree skirt.  I sewed 6 rows of 10, 2 rows of 8, and 2 rows of 6.  Then sewed the rows together.  Easy Breezy.
See my layout?...Love it!  Used the fabric from our stockings.
Step 2: Cut a circle for the bottom fabric.  I used an old tree skirt my mom made as a pattern.  It's not perfect but it worked.

Step 3(below): Lay your top and bottom pieces together (right sides together, wrong sides out).  Pin the two in place so that you are ready to sew them together.  Make a 1/2'' seem around the circle.  Then cut off the excess fabric.

Step 4:  Fold the tree skirt into fourths, so that you have a straight line to mark on one of the edges.  (This would be like drawing the radius on your skirt from the center to the edge of the circle). Mark the bottom (keep in mind this is the inside of your skirt and the markings won't show after you turn it right side out) of the tree skirt.

 Step 5: Unfold your skirt and mark a circle in the center of your skirt. (This is where the tree trunk will be).  I used a bowl for my circle.
 Step 6:  Sewing.  You will be sewing from the circle's edge to the small circle you drew in the center of the skirt along the radius line you first drew.  (Does that make sense?)  Do not sew on the line but 1/2'' to the left or right of the line.  See picture below.  Hope that helps...
 Continue sewing 1/2'' outside the radius line and around the small center circle's line.
 Continue sewing back down the other side of the radius line until you get to about 8' or more' from your outer seem.  This will be the hole that you will use to turn your tree skirt right side out. (Not sure if you can see that in the pictures below...tried to zoom in but my flash is awful).

 Step 7: Starting from the edge of your tree skirt, cut along your radius line and around your center circle line.  See below.

Step 8 (Finale!): Turn your tree skirt right side out.  Sew up the hole.

And you are done!  Ready for Christmas yet? 
Note: I personally will be adding some type of lace or frill to the edge of my skirt.  This may happen later...

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