Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Little Girl's Rooms

I'm starting to collect ideas for my twin boys' nursery and I love when other people post what they've done online.  So, I'm going to share what I've done in our house for our girls.  Kind of like an idea swap.  That's the real reason why I'm blogging.  I'm always checking out the ideas brilliant people are posting online and using them.  So in a way, I figured blogging my okay or so-so ideas could be like paying it forward. 
  Here's what we've done for our girls' rooms:

Nursery:  We painted 3 walls 'Sweet Baby Girl Pink' and on the fourth wall we painted verticle stripes with 'Sweet Baby Girl Pink' and 'Bubble Gum Pink' (both paint colors from Home Depot.  Then we hung a green wreath that I made from a strand of garland from Hobby Lobby and two mobiles that I made from wire and extra leaves from the same garland.  Kind of gives the room a sweet garden theme.  That was my thought for it anyway. 
Embellishments: On two opposite walls I hung two more strands of garland, a quilt, two canvases I painted, and a chalkboard/corkboard I painted and decorated.  See pictures below:

Toddler Room:  We had a lot of fun with this room!  Getting a little more courage with paint, I decided to add a bright green (can't recollect the color name right now) and a mural of a tree in the corner.  I wanted a whimsical tree so I used white paint for the bark and made the leaves three different colors that coordinated with the room.  I used my cricut to make the flower template that you see all around the border and I traced the edge of a big old bowl to make the wavy border of green and pink paint.  It was a lot of work but lots of fun.  Tip: When painting a mural or other artwork, it's handy to write or trace them on the wall first using chalk instead of a pencil.  The chalk wipes right off after painting, instead of having to erase or paint over pencil marks later.
Embellishments: a mirror I decorated for my girls and handy string of ribbon with clothespins to display artwork.  See pictures below:

 Details of tree with white, pink and green leaves.  I bought two butterflies clips at Michael's and attached them the wall using thumb tacks then just clipping the butterflies to the tacks.  Easy peasy.

Black out drapes I made to help darken my girl's room for naps.  Super cute and easy.

Here's the artwork displayed on the ribbon.  Beautiful artwork!

And the mirror...needs to be cleaned apparently.  So, hopefully, this gives someone out there ideas for their daughter's nursery.  If not, oh well, I love what we've done with the place.  And thank you all for posting such great ideas on your blogs and online to give me inspiration!!!!