Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twin Tuesday V

My Twin Baby Shower

This will be the last blog before I have my twins (tomorrow!!!!).  It's been quite an adventure and I'm amazed (as are the doctors and nurses) that I've made it to 38 weeks!  Now I'm (ironically) scheduled for an induction on 12-12-12.  After all the contractions, preterm labor, and trips to the hospital the boys are deciding to stay in a little longer on their own. Oh my, are they going to be trouble when they arrive!

Before I hit preterm labor and bedrest (the Saturday before), two amazing friends and my mom threw me my twin baby shower.  I pinned a ton of ideas on pinterest beforehand and they took a peek to get ideas there.

Upon arrival, my friends self addressed envelopes for my Thank You notes I'd send just a few days after the shower.  (Thank you for doing this!  Saved me lots of time!)  Then they headed to the main room where they deposited baby pictures of themselves for a game we'd be playing once everyone arrived.

We chatted over delicious refreshments and when all had arrived we played the Baby Guess Who Game.  The winner got a prize (Double Mint Gum or another wonderful gift provided by my wonderful hostesses!).

After that we played Twin Jeopardy.  My friend, Sarah, did a wonderful job with this game.  There were 4 fun categories: Food Pairs, Famous Twins, Little Known Facts, and Our Twins.  We used some of the fun facts from my first Twin Tuesday post.  This game was a huge hit!  Way fun!  We all ended up tying, but you could have prizes for the team that wins.

More refreshements while I opened way too cute gifts.  We asked everyone to bring a pack of diapers and/or a freezer meal.  This is a big help!  Of course, we loved getting cute matching/coordinating outfits and blankets as well!  Some generous friends/family members gave us gift cards to our favorite restaurants as well.

Our last activity was decorating monthly onsies for the boys.  Two pairs for each month.  Some match some don't, but we used coordinating fabric (left over from their nursery fabric...bumpers and drapes).  My plan is to take pictures of them in their onsies every month.  These turned out super cute!  And were pretty easy to make! (For each set you need: 3x 0-3 month onsies, 3x 3-6 months, 6x6-12 month onsies...that's how they came packaged...two-sided iron on adhesive, fabric, stencils or printouts, irons, and ironing boards) We had some cutting out circles and numbers out of the fabric and adhesive (some was pre-cut), some girlfriends ironed on the numbers to the circles, some ironed on the numbered circles to the onsies, others repackaged them for me into ziplock bags.  This activity took the longest...it may be a good one to start with while you wait for others to arrive at the beginning.

Altogether, the shower was a blast!  I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends and a great mom who helped with the decorating.

Other activities I'd suggest if you're short on ideas:

Photo booth
4 other fabulous ideas!  *my favorite is the late night diaper notes

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