Monday, December 3, 2012

Twin Tuesday III

Our Gender Reveal-  Part One:

Here's how we broke the news to our family that we were having a boy...make that two boys.  The day we found out we were pregnant with twin boys, we decided that we couldn't hold this news in very long.  So we worked it out that my side of the family would come up for dinner at a restaurant that night.  Before they arrived my husband and I drove around like crazy trying to get things together for the big surprise.
  Since we have two little girls that we would be telling at the same time, we wanted to get them something special.  So my husband and I went to Build-a-Bear.  We picked out two teddy bears and put blue shirts on them with a voice recording in each that said, "We love our baby boy".  Then we got two bundles of blue balloons.  We dropped these off at the restaurant with directions for the waitress to bring one bear and set of balloons out at dinner and the other bear and balloon set out at dessert.
  Family arrived, ordered, and out came dinner with the surprise gender reveal package #1.  My mom flipped.  She was sooooo excited. "A boy?!!!"  It's a boy, my husband and I winked at eachother.  Boy, if her reaction was that great about one boy we couldn't wait to see what it would be like about two!  My dad made it just in time to order dessert (he had to work late), when he saw the blue balloons upon walking in the restaurant he said, "All right!  We need another boy in the family".  Just as he sat down the other set of balloons and the bear was brought out.  My mom looked at me confused, "Wait, I thought we just...wait a minute!  Are you having twins?!?!?!"  YES!!!!  My mom literally screamed with excitement and got out of her seat jumping up and down (yes, in the middle of the restaurant!  And yes, I got most of it on video...would put it on youtube, but I don't want to expose my mom.  lol).  People at other tables had been watching this all unfold too, they congratulated us as well.  The staff at the restaurant were watching from around the corner and some of them had started crying.  Apparently, our surprise was a fun success for all!
  Our girls, meanwhile, a little confused by all the noise still loved their bears and hugged them all night long.  They now understand that mommy has 2 babies in her tummy, not just one and that they are going to be boys. 

Part Two:

  The next night, we got to do the reveal all over again with my husband's parents.  This time we switched things up a little.  We went to our favorite store, picked up blue receiving blankets, blue binkies, double mint gum, double stuffed oreos, twix, double packaged candybars, and a few other "twin" items.  I wrapped up the twin/double stuff in the blankets to make it look like a baby (I made two).  Then we went to the restaurant and gave one to the waiter with the instructions to bring it out during dinner. 
  Ironically, our server was a twin and watched with anticipation as my in-laws opened the baby package. "Blue blanket, I'm guessing it's a boy?" said my mother-in-law.  Yep.  Then she continued to open the bundle.  When she got to the twix bar, she asked, "Are you guys trying to tell us something?  Are there two in there?".  Yep.  Then we gave Grandpa the other bundle.  They were both tickled at the idea of twin boys.
It was fun to tell our family about our surprise double boy package this way.  There are lots of gender reveal ideas that I love, the cakes with the inside either pink or blue, gender colored balloons flying out of a box wrapped up with the question: Boy or Girl?, my friend from Sewing Our Life Together did a great postcard that was a scratch and reveal, with our girls we gave my parents toy blocks with the letters GIRL that they had to unscramble and I bought a onsie that said 100% girl.  Do you have any great Gender Reveal tips or ideas?  Feel free to share!

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